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Friday, June 27, 2008

I know, I know, but I said I would be very busy...

So now that the craziness that is my life has calmed down. I'm back to being able to blog. So here is a little recap of my last few weeks.

On June 7th, I taught at PMP, the "Home is Where the Heart is" class. It was such a technique oriented class that everyone went home with something new they had learned. I was so happy that everyone enjoyed it even after the little manufacturing delay. Thank you ladies for attending my class.

On Monday, June 9th, we had an issue at work that kept me busy until last Friday, 20th. So on top of my craziness of schedule, I now had to be on my toes at work, so we can all work together to fix it. I know not much info, but so is life with my work, but the good news is that I work with pretty amazing "Rocket scientists" (LOL) that are truly ala Apollo 13, if you have seen the movie, I'm referring to the part where the engineers have to make sure that the astronauts have oxygen to breathe and have to build a filter with duck tape and such supplies that were available to the astronauts on the spacecraft. I was at awe. That was really how I felt watching everyone brainstorm. It's amazing how brains working together can fix things. Truly happy to be able to learn from these guys. So I was pulling 10-12 hours shifts every day.

But I was lucky enough that I got to Gabriel's graduation. We were so proud of him. He won 4 awards at the ceremony. His awards were in Math, Social Studies, ELD-English Learning Development, and Honor Roll. He looked totally like a young man now, not the little boy we took under our wings 2 years ago. I will post a photo of him at graduation later. He even asked to go to his graduation dance party. I'm sure he had lots of fun.

So my birthday was on June 15th, which was also Father's Day. My parties began on Friday the 13th, which because of work, I almost missed. I didn't get to my "SURPRISE" party until 9pm. So they waited for me to eat cake. I'm truly blessed that I have friends that thought of me on my birthday and were willing to throw me a surprise party. Thanks, Suzy, Erin, Pattie, Christiane, Angel, Janice, Lonae, Maria, Linda, Jeani, Karen, and Gwen for a wonderful surprise. Oh yeah, and Suzy even sang a "special" birthday song for me...LOL

Saturday, 14th, we have our monthly CJ crop and I was so lucky again to have cake and celebrate my birthday again with all the CJ ladies. It was so much fun. Plus I scrapped again, and did 3 more LO's. I'll post those later too.

For the special day, I was woken up by a serenade of Happy Birthday songs in Spanish that my dad was blasting thru out the house. And guess what else, another birthday cake. My mom was so emotional, that she was crying. She is such a sweet woman, I'm so lucky to have her as a mom. I got to play Guitar Hero all day long, that I got blisters again. I'm getting so much better, I'm almost done with the "EASY" level.

On Monday Suzy, Janice, Erin, Maria, Pattie and Kent (who shares my birthday with me) and I went to La Fondue to celebrate our birthdays. We had tons of fun. Here is a photo of us at La Fondue.

On the 18th, I went to a Camila concert in SF. I had so much fun, this band is so great live, they are up and coming Mexican band. I love their music and I was so close to the stage. It was a great evening.

The next day was the beginning of our CJ Get Together from people who I had met via Patty, everyone was finally in one place so we can all meet and spend tons of time together. We started by sailing in the bay. What a gorgeous day. I so loved it. What a beautiful city. Oh, it was great. For sailing it was Lisa, Patti, Toni and Libby (owner of the sailboat) and her friend who helped us sail. Debbie, couldn't go sailing with us as she gets motion sickness. Here so photos from sailing in the bay:

After sailing we meet up with Patty and Kristi and had dinner at Cioppino's. Such awesome food. We stayed in a SF hotel and started our full day of LSS shopping on Friday. We began in Berkeley and ended in San Jose, after visiting 9 LSS stores. Rhonda met up with us in Berkley, and I was her passenger seat driver. We had so much fun and I got tons of loot. Now I just need space to keep them. Almost at the end of the shopping, Sue met up with us (she flew in from Colorado) and our group was complete. After the LSS shopping we headed down to MJ's beach house.

This house is gorgeous. Right on the beach, just a little walk over to the back from the backyard. Take a look:

Saturday was dedicated to all of us learning from each other. We ended up doing 6 classes during the day, and taking breaks in between. It was a great day full of fun and excitement. The only problem is that I got a cold. I was sick, Monday was the worst day, but now I'm better.

Sunday, June 22nd, was my mother's birthday and we took her to SF to her favorite Salvadoran Food restaurant. She was so happy. Her Birthday present was a 26" LCD TV. I'm so jelous. I still have an old tube TV. OK granted she still had the 19 year old TV we bought when we first moved to the US. I think I'm getting a 32" LCD TV for Christmas. My family has 6 months to save up for it. I'll even pitch in. Once you go widescreen, you can't go back. I'm having a hard time going back to my regular TV after playing the WII in my brother's LCD TV. On the WII note, I am so in love, we got the Rockband game and it is so much fun. I can't wait to play it more. It involves the whole family. My dad even played it and he got motion sickness. It was pretty funny. I don't think he will be playing anytime soon.

So this brings up to this week, which has been kinda slow, other than getting better from my cold and trying to catch up on everything else.

So, this weekend Suzy, Erin and a few other will be crazy and go spend an evening in SF. This should be so much fun.

Also, remember how I said that I have been creating layouts, here are this month's assignments for PMP Garage girls, I'm so excited to be scrappin' again. Here are my LO's. You can check them out at the store.

Everyone have great weekend.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Pink Persimmon Sneak Peak...

Here is a sneak peak at my Make-and-take for tomorrow's Grand Opening for Pink Persimmon at Picture Me Perfect from 11am-1pm. Come by if you have time.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

so much to do, so little time...

Well, this past weekend was a great weekend. I got to crop and hangout with friends. I also go to see Sex and the City movie. Which was such a great movie. So if you haven't seen it; go, leave everything behind and go right now and watch it. I can't wait to see it again.

This Saturday is my Home is where the heart is class at Picture Me Perfect, which there are still a few more spaces available if you want to sign up. I have been so busy kitting it and waiting for last minute things to arrive. I'm so glad to be done. Also on Saturday, I'm doing a demo at the store for Pink Persimmon, if you have a chance come by. So many girls are doing great demos. I had a great chance to design some stuff with their new stamps. You can see one of the cards I did at the website.

Plus I have also been doing some LOs, yeah you heard it, I did 2 LOs. I will post later, when I have more time to scan them and post.

The next few weeks are going to be so crazy busy. My cousin is graduating from 8th grade on the 11th. BTW, I have no idea what to give a teenager for his 8th grade graduation, anyone have any ideas?. He actually asked to go to his graduation dance, I think there is a girl involved. My birthday is the following weekend, the 15th and I'm celebrating at La Fondue with Kent (we share the same Birthday) and a bunch of other girls from the store. I got a Camila concert on 18th. And we meet for our CJ crop reunion on the 19th-22nd for me, as my mom's birthday is on the 22nd.

I swear I'm going to be so busy, but it will be so much fun.

Have a great week everyone.

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