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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long time coming...

So I know that I haven't updated my blog in a long while, but the reason is the same. Always busy trying to catch up on everything.

I have been busy keeping up at work. I'm leaving to France on July 29 and come back on August 9. It will be my last trip to Toulouse. I'm going to enjoy.

I also have been to 3 concerts in 5 days, crazy. NKOTB was on July 9, American Idol on July 12 and Coldplay on July 13. This Saturday I'm excited to be going to No Doubt. I have never seen them in concert and should be awesome. Paramore is opening for them. Funny story, I was supposed to be in France this week and therefore couldn't go to No Doubt, but my trip was moved. But I already had sold my lawn ticket, it cost me $30. So I was looking for lawn tickets so I can go but on Craigslist they are going for $70-75 in the lawn, which is sold out. So I went back to Live Nation (the ones that sell the tickets for the venue) and they still had seats available for $90. Yeah, I got seats for $20 more than the lawn where you have to get there early to get the best seats, because they are first come, first serve.

I just learned that I'm allergic to Chlorine. What gives, I went swimming a while a go and got a rash, it got better in a couple of days. Last weekend I went again and this time it got so bad that over the counter meds didn't help me. So I had to go to the doctor, granted the pool was over chlorinated, I'm on meds to help me and so far I'm doing better. But makes me not want to go swimming again.

I'm so sad and happy that Suzy has decided to close her store. I'm happy for her, she will be able to spend time with her family and adventure into other things. But I'm sad for me. I have loved doing this hobby and her store was very convenient for me, 5 minutes away from home so I can always take care of my fur baby and his insulin shots and come back and continue to crop. Now the closest store to me is 20 minutes away, not so easy to go home and come back and crop. So I have to really work on cleaning my stuff and organizing it so I can crop in the garage and I can have people over. I really enjoy this craft and feel sad that I won't be challenged in my monthly assignments for Garage Girl at the store. Also I won't be teaching so less challenges for me. I have really thought it and I know that I work best if I'm being challenged. I don't want to give up on this hobby I love it so much. So I have decided that I need to sign up to one design team. It will keep me challenged and will help me continue to enjoy this hobby. Which bring me to my July CJ challenge.

This month we had to work on the theme of "My Seven Wonders". At first it was hard to come up with all of them. But I then moved away from my family and friends and into what I enjoy in my life and so here is my challenge.

I love how it turned out. This is something similar to a class I taught last year. I love the colors and I can't wait to display it in my craft room/part of the garage.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

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