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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Long Time Coming...

I know it has been more than 2 months since my last update. But trust me it seems to have only been a week to me. So much has happened, too bad I didn't write it down so I can share it all.

This past weekend (Thanksgiving Weekend) I went a little crazy trying to organize my hobbies stuff that we donated a 2 trucks full of stuff to 2 different charities. I have some stuff still left that I need to purge and continue to clean up but I have been going crazy and needed a break. So the cleaning will have to continue in two weeks. I also have some stuff that I'm going to donate to my church for Catechism and some stuff that I want to sell at the Garage Sale at Picture Me Perfect whenever we have one. Hopefully soon. If you girls want some good paper packs make sure to get there first. I'll post as I know information. But let me tell you I have Basic Grey paper (complete lines) stashed into ziplock bags and I'll be selling those.

So to continue with my goals for '09, as Ululani said she wanted to keep track of my progress. I'm working on cleaning my mess and if anyone sees me shopping for stuff. Stop me. REMIND ME of all the product that I have at home that needs to be used. I have no room for anything else. Yeah and no buying any cardstock. I have tons and tons of cardstock. So please help me out. Need to use my stash, so then I can shop some more. I need nothing right now, not even adhesive, have too much.

So a few more tid bits, my dog, Sparky is not doing so well. We have been having issues with him since April. About 2 weeks ago we finally got an answer as to what is happening to him. He is 12 years old, 84 in dog years, and he is a large dog, a boxer/pitbull mix. The most adorable dog ever. He is just so good. So back in April we noticed that his right eye was droopy and his 3rd eyelid would stay closed when his eye was open, so we took him to the vet and she thought it was allergies. So we got an ointment and it helped him, but not completely cured him. In September, we noticed he wasn't eating and he looked really thin, so we took him again to the vet, he had lost 6 lbs in 4 months, too much for him, so we got him in a high protein diet and he got his weight back in a week. This is right before I left to France last time. Since then he's been up and down on his health. Two weeks ago, I took him in again because we felt something wasn't right and his arthritis was getting worse, his back legs were giving up on him. He also kept circling to the right. All the time. So the vet now thinks that has a partial facial paralysis probably back in April (this is why his 3rd eyelid is staying closed and eye is droopy) and he also now is showing signs of dementia (circling). So now, we have to be very careful with him, make sure he eats and drinks, he forgets to eat even if he was just eating a few seconds earlier. He goes for his walk and takes his arthritis meds. He is healthy otherwise, his coat is so shiny, so we are just watching him. So if you could all please say a prayer for him my family and I would really appreciate it. Pets are like family, and we have been with him since he was 3 months old. We understand we may loose him soon. But I hope if we have to, we can tell when it's his time to go and that we can make the decision to make sure he doesn't suffer. Thanks!

Another big note, is that this Friday, my mom and I are going for our citizenship interview. After this interview all we have left is the oath and we will be US citizens, I'm thinking sometime early next year. I will keep you all posted as to how things go.

Also, I'm leaving to go to France again, I know 3rd time this year, this Saturday and I come back on next Thursday. I'm excited to go see Toulouse in the winter and Christmas time. Not looking forward to the cold, the weather says Lows of 32 degrees highs of 45 degrees. FREEZING. I must take my heavy jacket, sweaters, warm shoes, scarfs, hats and gloves. I'm sad I will miss my daddy's birthday. In all my years, I believe I have only missed my dad's birthday one year back when I was 3 years old. I'll have to call him, but it will be weird not being there. I'm not looking forward to the 18 hours of travel time. I hurt my lower back last week lifting Sparky, so I'm not looking forward to being confined to an airline seat for 12 hours. Luckily I picked the aisle for my cross-Atlantic flights.

Also, checkout my class coming up next month at picture me perfect, it's a dates to remember organizer. It lets you keep track of all your important dates and you even get 2 cards. It's using the Basic Grey Urban Prairie line. So cute. I can't wait to get it back. Here is the link if you want to see more info.

Lastly, I do remember one of my favorite moments in October, I went to a NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT with Suzy. Had tons of fun. It was dream come true. I really want to go to another one. They still got the right stuff.

Thanks so much for keeping up with my long post. I leave you with the last two months worth of layouts. Have a great week.


Debbie said...

Love the Christmas card, it's beautiful.

Debbie said...

It is a good feeling to "purge" your accumulated supplies. Now just to stick to the no shopping rule! I stuck to it for about a year, then the past few months I have been going crazy again.

erin said...

hi rocio,
thanks for your update! omgosh girl, you've got a ton going on!!! you know i love you, you know how much fun we have together, and i look forward to many more times hanging out. it wasn't the same w/o you last friday. i LOVE all your layouts, esp the one with your dad. he is so handsome:)
i wanna go see nkotb. when where?
love you my dear,

plg said...

Welcome back!!! Sparky is definitely in my prayers - I KNOW the feeling of your pet being a family member. They just love you so unconditionally. Libbi has had sympathy sickness for me since my 2 surgeries.
Safe travels & congrats on your citizenship!

toners said...

Great job with your supplies!!

And congrats on your upcoming citizenship...it's an awesome day :)

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