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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things Change...

So my trip to Cannes, France has been postponed. I'm really excited that I will be at the American Heart Association Crop for Marshall on Sunday at Picture Me Perfect. It should be so much fun.

Diasque is doing ok, he has up and downs, with Diabetes we have to be very careful of his surroundings and any of his behavior. He started to drink and urinate more so I had him tested on Sunday and his blood sugar was around 350. So the vet told us to give him an additional unit of insulin at each shot. Today, I noticed that his back claw was still injured from earlier this year. So I took him in and had to stay at the vet as they were too busy to see him at his appointment time. It worked out for the best, his usual vet saw him. He was tested for glucose, ketones and looked at his claw. He is good to go and we are trying to keep him in under control. All his test were negative, no infection, no ketones and his blood sugar level is lower, around 280, not best, but he was stressed at the vet. So we are going on the right place, he still hates his shots. So if anyone has ideas on how to give him his shot without fighting and biting, please let me know.

Also, because I was leaving, I had finished all my projects ahead of time. Here are my assignments for Garage Girl, it's using one of the newest My Little Shoebox: Turtles and Trees Line



erin said...

thank you for your vmail.
so excited i'll get to hang with you sunday!
we'll keep your kitty in our thoughts and prayers.

LindaLMCS said...

Glad to hear Diasque's vet visits went pretty well, I was thinking of you both Sunday. I asked the girls (Jen and Heather, NOT the dogs...lol) if they had any "kitty tricks" up their sleeves they remember. One is wrapping him up in a towel or his favorite blankie that smells like him. Sort of like swaddling him. And the other is that we were told to grab the back of our kitty's neck, like their mom's carry them and keep gently pinching and massaging it, it calms them down, sort of like their mommy's did to them.

Nicole said...

hi girly! we will keep your precious little one in our prayers, you are such a good persona and you can tell you truly love Diasque with all your heart. Had fun with you the other night - hugs! love your layouts!!!

Patti said...

I'm so excited you can stay for the crop day - I know it means a lot to you too!
Wonderful work chica - I just love what you do, you inspire me greatly!
I'm also very glad that Diasque is doing well. About the shots.....hmmmm....that's a thinker!

Debbie said...

Great layouts, I LOVE how you did the ribbon/tulle zigzag on "Friends"!
Talk to me about the shots, I took care of my sick kitty for four years.

Kent said...

Super cute layouts rocio - they are so cheerful looking!

Krista Lund said...

yah! so excited to hang with you yesterday!
i will keep your lil one in my p&pts.
i am going to pmp to drop off your strips today...i promise!!! :)

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