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Friday, May 22, 2009

Life is crazy...

So I have been told that I haven't updated my blog in forever. It truly has been a long time. But I swear there has been very little time for me. I'm overwhelmed. Work is extremly busy, I have been in training for the past 2 weeks. Had tons of stuff to do for scrapbooking assingments. Completed my CJ challege for the month. So right now I'm officially burnt out. I have no creative juices, I'm overly tired. What did I do, I scheduled a weekend, more like 5 days where I have nothing to do. No places to be nothing. I will be cleaning my scrap stuff, but that is it. No work, no nothing.

I'm so grateful that everything is great. I'm in the middle of my "30k tune-up" or as everyone else knows it yearly physical, eyes, women's health, etc. Everything is good. Have to loose weight, but I knew that. Just got a few more appointments to get thru and hopefully everything comes back good. Which BTW, if you are the person who is drawing blood from me and I tell you "Ouch that hurts as you poke me with the needle" it really means that hurts can you not hurt me any more. I bruise easily. I have a bruise for over a week that it looks really bad from the girl that drew blood from me and she said to my comment of pain, "you're OK", not I'm not ok. look at my arm now. Geesh. Now I think people are thinking that someone hurt me because the bruise is really bad, it's been a week and it looks ugly.

Anyways, those are my ramblings as I'm wiped out. I hope to come out of this weekend rejuvinated. Here are some of my work for Garage Girl.


Nicole said...

love the layouts! BTW - I laughed so hard tonight, it was so much fun hanging with you ladies!!! get some rest... hugs!

Patti said...

Beautiful work on your challenge & your GG stuff! I totally understand your pain with blood draws. My veins roll & seize - so needless to say with my almost 50k tune up over the past few weeks, I've been sporting 2-3 bruises on the backs of my hands & inner arms as they can't get the "right spot"...ugh!
Take care & enjoy your weekend!

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