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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Going to Disneyland...

I'm starting to get excited about going to Disneyland this weekend. We have an aunt (my great aunt actually, who is 75 years young) who is visiting us for a month from El Salvador, she has never been to Disneyland and my mom loves Disneyland so we are going to Disney this weekend. One of my aunts who lives in LA is going with us also. So that's 3 ladies who will not go on any rides with me. I will be going by myself on Space Mountain and all the other "big" rides. My cousin might be available and join us for one day so I can actually have a partner in crime to ride the "big" rides. But I'm sure I'll still enjoy the rides and the fact that Monday is my birthday, I will have some fun.

So I have been working hard. My 30k checkout is almost done, just have a couple of more follow up appointments tomorrow and that's it. Last week I did the sleep study, it was hard sleeping with all that stuff. I'll get my results tomorrow. But so far everything is checking out good. Just got to lose some weight and eat better so my "good" cholesterol can be higher.

My kitties are doing great. My parents are doing good too. I have been trying to keep not so busy but it never works that way. I finished my GG assignments for this month. I really enjoyed them. Now on to completing the CJ challenge, I got my 3 papers ready.

Here are my GG assignments:

Also, my next class is now available for signups at Picture Me Perfect. You can see it here and sign up at the store.


Patti said...

Have fun @ Disney - give Mickey a hug for me!!
I love your projects - so beautiful! Do you ever "kit" your classes & mail them to friends on the other side of the world????

Debbie said...

LOVE the layout with you and your dad. And the color me happy one too. Have fun in DL.

erin said...

hey po,
great catching up with you this weekend. can't wait for friday!
your work turned out just gorgeous as always!
happy wed!

toners said...

I hope you had a fantastic time at Disneyland! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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