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Monday, April 14, 2008

Bad Blogger...

I know I have kept you waiting on the edge of your seats and screens (LOL) so you could hear about my crazy stories. But it will have to wait. I knew April would be crazy. Really crazy. But really I didn't think it would be this crazy.

I leave tomorrow to Nashville, TN for Scrap ETC event. I can't wait to spend time on my own no worries about work (although, I'm still on-call, I'm always on call) or anything else. I get to scrap. Take classes with my friends Erin, Laurie and Veronica. I also get to meet and hang out with Deb from Scraptalk. This should be so much fun. On top of all this, we get to take classes and learn from eachother. Plus we get to go shopping on Wednesday at LSS in the area.

On Sunday, I will also take a class from Debbie Schuh. I'm really excited about this. I have been a stalker of her blog since I learned about her work in CKU-A San Jose '06. I love that her work always has neat ways to do altered stuff.

Then Monday and Tuesday of next week, I'll be in Memphis, TN visiting the king. And next Wednesday I'll fly back. And I promise, I will try to give you all an update when I return. I'm not taking a laptop this time. But I will have my cellphone with me. If anyone wants to chat, give me a ring.



toners said...

Have a fabulous time - you deserve the break!! Enjoy! :)

erin said...

i'm almost all packed . . .
see u soon my friend!!!

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