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Friday, July 11, 2008

A Crazy Tornado...

has hit my house. OK, I admit, I'm a shopaholic "Step 1". Since I love to shop it goes for everything that I'm involved. I have been shopping scrapbook supplies way too much and haven't been organizing. Really not enough time in the day. I'm way too busy. But it has gotten out of control. I swear it was a fire hazard. So last weekend was a long weekend due to the 4th of July holiday. I took a few extra days off from work so I can clean up the mess I have made. I thought 3 days will be enough to clean up. Yeah, so not the case. My family room is a mess and my bedroom is still a mess. But not fire hazard anymore. LOL. I will not be posting pictures as I'm too embarrassed that it was so out of control. I still got tons of things to organize and put in it's place, then I have to start sorting thru the things that I don't want. Yeah, it will be another month before I can even say that I'm close to being done with my scraproom.

On Tuesday, I was so fed up with the cleaning that I didn't get much done. I instead had plans to go see American Idol on Tour with Suzy. I didn't hold much for it. But it was actually pretty good. I was in love with Michael Johns, Seysha Mercado, Jason Castro, Brooke White, David Archuleta and David Cook. It was a fun concert. We were in nose bleed sections of the HP Pavillion, but had center of the stage view, not so bad.

I also posted all my LO's that I have been doing lately:

Have a great weekend.


toners said...

Great layouts, Rocio :) Have you been able to post the group photo to Patty's photobucket album yet?

I was ROFL about your stash...I think I have a similar problem at times...I just shut the door and live in denial! LOL!

erin said...

wow!!! you've surfaced and scrapped!!! i might see you tonight then! once i get my butt into gear and finish packing that is.
those los are truly fabulous, esp the many faces of suzy. i need to get those pics.
your style is just amazing PO.
love you girl!

erin said...

hey go check out my blog...for YOUR very own post.
and i would love to see pictures! i'll show you mine if you show me yours. LOL.

Laurie said...

HAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa! You scrapped that photo!! Love Finally Peace!!! Can't wait to see your clean scrap space....you are inspiring me to clean mine now...hmmmm...miss ya PO!

plg said...

I love the bloomin friendship page - how cool!
I've got to get busy on my pages & pics. I DID finish up my journal though!
You hold a special place in my heart too, thanks for sharing yourself with me & being so caring & concerned for me over the last couple of years!
You are a super lady!

Flatfish said...

Love the layouts! Remember one frog at a time and you will get through the cleaned up. Hey when you finish we will have a party to celebrate!


Kent said...

Look at you cranking out those layouts! Maybe that'll motivate me to finish this month's assignments! Where is you layout on guitar hero - still waiting for that one! :-P

Satyn Blu said...

Hey Girl... love the LOs!! Your Awesome!!

emelyn said...

Awesome layout, girl!! Love your embellie work!

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