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Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm tired...

Well, it has been a while since my last update. I know, I'm really busy and sometimes forget to update until someone reminds me. But my parents made it ok to El Salvador, they come back on Friday. I'm excited to see them and see all the pictures and hear the stories. Kitties are doing great. Misifu no longer has the lump on her leg. She will most likely never be vaccinated again, so we don't run the risk. Diasque is doing great with his diabetes. I think we have him under good regulation. He is not going to be seen by the vet until July. Me I'm tired, this week I will be working really early. I was at work this morning at 5 am. On Wednesday I'm going to a Copic Markers certification. I have loved these pens since I first hear about them. I have quite a collection, but don't know how to use them correctly, Maria took this cert in Vancouver last year, so I know I will be learning some cool stuff. Shelly is also going with me.

Also thanks to Laurie G. I got a spot to Creative Escape. I'm excited, I even got the time off. Hopefully nothing prevents me from going. I can't wait to get my creativeness going on.

this past weekend I taught my message board class, all of the students were great. They went home with a wonderful project. Some were even gifts. We finished the class early, which is a first for me. I never, ever finish ontime. I went home to clean up my "corner" mess in the living room and tried to pull stuff for the garage sale that started yesterday and goes until Thursday at Picture ME Perfect. There were some great deals. I came home with canvas but I need nothing else, I have way too much. Wow I probably could have a garage store like Suzy had before with all of my stuff. Let's not talk about cardstock, way too much. I don't need any cardstock, but specially pink, green, blue, orange and purple. Way too much. I'm hoping once I'm all organized and cleaned up my huge mess of scrap stuff that I will be able to kit things before going to scrap. Let's cross my fingers. So this goal of cleaning my mess is the one that is hard to keep up with. Along with exercising more.

Well hopefully everyone is having great time. I will post soon my CJ challenge, it has been done for about 3 weeks but haven't had the time to scan it in. I will share soon.

Have a great week.


Debbie said...

It was great to see you saturday, LOVE LOVE LOVE the memo board you designed. You are so creative. Good luck with the organizing!

vbscrapper said...

About time you updated your blog. :) I hope your wrist is feeling better. Congrats on getting into Creative Escape. I'm sure we'll get to benefit from your knowledge soon enough.

I'm also happy to hear about your fur babies.


erin said...

hi po,
love the update, know what u mean about keeping it up. sometimes harder than others.
how did the copic demo/cert go?
see you friday ...


Marilyn said...

I'm hoping you get some rest and restoration. We enjoyed your class immensely - it was so fun to give as a wedding present. I can't wait for your next class!!

Patti said...

So glad to see you back! Did you go to the same certification that Lisa went too? Praying for safe travel home for your folks! Can't wait to see your challenge.

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