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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Origami Folding Flower Tutorial...

With spring just around the corner, I wanted to share with you all an origami folding flower tutorial.  I have been addicted to making these paper flowers.  We even make it as a family activity.  Hope you enjoy it!

1.     Start with a 3x3 piece of paper. I used Enchanted Garden’s Classy paper.  I love all the colors.
2.     Fold the bottom corner to the top to make a triangle, this will be the side seen on the outside of your flower so make sure you are happy with your choice.
3.     Fold the right bottom corner of the triangle to the top point. 
4.     Repeat for the left side.  I used a bone folder to ensure my folds and edges were flat.  You should now have a square. 

5.  Fold the top left flap of the square backwards as shown.  This should form a little kite shape on each flap.  Repeat for the other side.
6.     Fold the top triangles as shown so that they are level with the edge of the paper. 
7.     Fold the right flap along the existing crease.   Repeat for the other side.
8.     Place adhesive to one triangle as shown and attach to the other triangle. 

9.     Here is a completed petal. Repeat steps 1-8 to create five more.  Note where I placed my adhesive to adhere the petals together.
10.     Adhere all six petals together.  When you have adhered three of the six petals add the floral wire in the middle as shown.

Here is what the completed flower looks like.

Once you have created a few flowers you can create your own bouquet of flowers.  I used all 6 papers from Enchanted Garden to create my flowers.  I also added a few leaves using the “B” side of Exquisite and adhering them to some floral wire.  Here is my completed bouquet:


madretz said...

Love it! Pinning it! :D

Hi Rocio! Happy New Year!

Melinda Spinks said...

Rocio these are some of my all-time favourite flowers to make. Love what you've done with them with the gorgeous little floral display. :)

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Too cute Rocio! New to your blog, love your flowers!

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