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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another recap...

Well it has been crazy in my side of town. I figured that if I updated my blog at least weekly I was doing better than before, when I wasn't really keeping up with anything.

Well last Wednesday, I made a drastic change. I cut my hair really short, at the collar bone. I have been waiting on pictures they took of my before and after, but no pics yet. Afterwards I had a hard time getting used to the new hair do. Everyone seems to love it. I'm beginning to fall in love it. I really enjoy the fact that my head weighs about 5 pounds lighter (or at least it feels like). I'll post pics when I take them (or if I ever get them from my hair salon).

Friday and Saturday were the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton. I really enjoy having fun and meeting up with my dear friends. We all met about 5 years ago this August (I think, I loose count) Patty, Debbie, Rhonda and I were all at expo volunteering at the crop and all had the same idea. "I wish I could crop with others here at expo but I don't know anyone in my area". Patty grabbed our email addressed and collected and kept up with us. For the next expo we all got to sit together and met Eva. Since then, it's a tradition, we crop at least one of the two nights at expo together. Last year, Debbie wasn't able to crop with us since she was in charge of them. But at least we could chat with her for a little bit. Well this year was just like before. We all go to share a table on Friday. It was just like old times.

On Saturday, I was invited to share the table with Carla, Satyn and Noel. It was great fun, I had been in the mood to scrap, and was really tired but stuck around until the end. I'm so glad they invited me over and had so much fun.

I took several classes from SEI. I always know that I will learn a new technique at their classes. I was also a teacher's pet for both classes that Scrap for a Cure was hosting at expo. Ginger was so creative, I was so loving the classes and couldn't wait to get to them.
Here is a sneak peak they posted in their message board:

If you haven't heard of Scrap for a Cure, it's such a great kit club. They donate 5% of their sales which go towards a foundation they hold dearly. This quarter's foundation is Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Such a great idea and their kits are full of product. I'm in love with their project kits. I got 3 of them at Expo. I can't wait to do them all. Check them out.

So this week, I'm hoping to finish kitting my Dear Mother class and get caught up in finishing my CJ. It's due on Saturday.

Have a great week everyone.



Laurie said...

Hey PO!
It was so good seeing you at the expo! Your hair is adorable!!! Thanks for enabling me at the SEI booth! LOL! Hope to scrap with you soon girlie!! I think we need another slumber party! :D

erin said...

i cannot WAIT to see you, not only has it been forever, but now...
to find out you have an entirely new look omgosh!!!

cannot wait, i miss my PO!

toners said...

I want to see pics of the hairdo!!!

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