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Monday, March 24, 2008

Crazy Weekend...

Well I have had one of the craziest weeks in a while. I had to work most of it. In total I worked over 24 hours since Friday night. My sleep pattern is off. My eating pattern is way off too. And BTW, I'm flying to France next Tuesday for work. So just as I get my patterns back in order, I have to get way out of whack again.

I'll be in Toulouse, France for a week. I'm really excited, I have never been there and I hear is really beautiful. One little problem, Je ne parle Francais. I will be there 3 days for work and 3 days for fun. I want to go to Lourdes, France as well, it's only 2 hours away by train. It should be a very touching experience for me.

There are a couple of things I want to get when I go. I want to find a used old french dictionary, maybe some books too so I can use them in my scrapbooks. I also want to find some Rouge De Garance papers. Maybe some other great French papers as well. I was also told to shop around the area they have great trims and ribbons. I can't wait to wonder around with my little pocket phrase book.

I'm so excited, class is full. I can't believe it. Thanks everyone who has signed up. I shall be finishing the kitting process this week before I leave.

Have a great one.


plg said...

Rocio - we are getting the Rouge De Garance papers in (I don't think they've come yet). What are you looking for?

Laurie said...

PO! What a lucky girl you are! France for a week! I am super jealous!!! I'm hoping to head over there this summer! :D

erin said...

april is one busy month for you, girl! so happy i get to spend that time with you in TN! and i cannot wait for your mother's book class!!!

Laurie said...

So awesome to see you last night!!! Can I hide in your baggage to Paris? LOL! Wish I had signed up for your class...sad I'm going to miss out...it's beautiful!!! You rock sister!

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