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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Almost done with all the things on my list...

Well the last few weeks have been so crazy. Here is an update on things I still have to finish:

1. Anniversary Crop on the 20th and 21st at PMP - That's this weekend
2. Attend orientation for Confirmation class for Gabriel on the 23rd - Can't attend
3. Back to School Night, on the 24th - Can't attend more on that later
4. Clean my mess in the garage and my scrap area (it continues) - Yeah haven't done a thing
5. Might have to travel for work - Leaving on Monday and coming back on Friday

That's life. I finished all other things. I'm so excited to be traveling again but this was such a late notice that I just booked hotel today and my flight was booked on Tuesday. Wow less than a week notice. I should have internet access while in France but will be there for so little time I'm not sure I'll have time to do anything else.

I have been so busy that I didn't even have a chance to update my blog when Erin told me that another episode of Scrapbook Memories showed the other two projects I had designed for MLS. They were the shown on episode 1305 - Favorite Colors. I haven't seen the show, I think it will be shown in two weeks here in the bay area on another PBS channel. But I did see this snapshot from the Scrapbook Memories website

You see the Sierra project is shown at the start of the episode. So exciting!

George Lopez comedy show was so funny that my stomach hurt the next day from laughing too much. I just can relate to all his jokes. Way too funny.

I leave you with some of my recent work for garage girl assignments.

Have a great weekend.


erin said...

holy bananas po, quite the list!!!
i'm excited for you to be traveling again, but i will miss you!
will i get to hang on sunday with you?

cheerful cropper said...

hey girl!! i hope to see you on SAT! if not, i might have to stop by on Sun to get my Rocio fix!!!!

Sues said...

Wow, do you ever slow down? Hope you have a few minutes to enjoy your trip! Wish I could find those episodes here in Denver... no luck yet.

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