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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bonjour de Toulouse...

Well I arrived yesterday. It was a very tiring trip. I had a big sinus headache while on the plane and had no Advil to help me relieve the pain. So I could hardly move without the pounding. But after I arrived at Frankfurt, the headache was a little less pronounced. I could move. I waited 3 hours to be hauled by a bus to my tiny plane that fits like 40 people. It was crazy that it can still fly at 35000 feet. I took a nap yesterday after I arrived at the hotel. Nothing special on the hotel. The were a few things that are missing like an alarm clock, iron and the worst thing is the smell of smoke. GRRRRRHHHHHHHH I hate the smell of cigarettes. I don't think I'll stay here again. But what could I do since it was such late notice trip. I do love the location of the hotel. It's all within walking distance. It does suck to travel all this way without knowing anyone. I didn't want to have a sit down dinner, as I don't speak the language and I was quite jet lagged. So I went to McDonalds and eat a French Big Mac. Off to bed and I didn't have a good night sleep thinking that my alarms (both cell phones) wouldn't work so I woke up early 5am (could be the fact that I'm so screwed up from the travel) and I'm getting ready to go to work early.

So hopefully today everything works out and I can have some time to travel around town.

I'll take some pictures and post.

'till later.


Debbie said...

Glad you arrived safely, hopefully you feel up to eating somewhere else besides McDonalds tonight!

erin said...

hi miss po!
how are you doing?
thank you so much for calling to check on me earlier this week. i'm feeling much better and just miss you!
see you soon girl!

plg said...

Hope you're home & rested up! Can't wait to see the pics!

Sues said...

Glad your safe and hope you're having a good productive trip! When do you come home? Waiting patiently for some pics!!!

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