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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have a list so long of things to do...

Not only in work but also in the house and my scrapbook hobby. I have tons of stuff to do and no time to do it. I don't know where the time goes.

Gabriel is now a Freshman, he started High School yesterday. Never, ever go try to find school supplies one week before school starts. Specially a pad lock, it took us 3 hours to find it. Never, ever go the day school starts to get the supplies his teachers want him to have and we hadn't bought. It took us 3 different stores to find those supplies, two hours later. He is really excited about taking Art this year, it's probably his favorite class. So the only thing he is missing for school is a portfolio. So here is to hoping that he can do the best in the next four years (which are going to fly) so that he can go to college and find a career of his choice.

So back to my rant about too much to do. Here is a list of my upcoming events:

1. Go to a Giants Game this Friday night
2. Catechism starts this Saturday, I have 19 kids to teach.
3. Teach my class, This is Me at PMP on the 9th
4. CJ Crop on the 13th
5. George Lopez on the 15th
6. Anniversary Crop on the 20th and 21st at PMP
7. Attend orientation for Confirmation class for Gabriel on the 23rd
8. Back to School Night, don't even remember the date
9. Garage Girl Assignments
10. Secret Assignment that I can't share until the 1st of October. LOL
11. The demo for Anniversary Crop
12. Clean my mess in the garage and my scrap area (it continues)
13. Work and work
14. Finish my citizenship form
15. Get my car fixed
16. Attend a baby shower on the 14th, that I'm helping out at
17. Might have to travel for work

and the list goes on. I think I might forgotten a few things, but this is only September.

True lots of things are fun, but still no time to do anything else. I'm going to be so exhausted pretty soon.

My car was out for repairs last week, new clutch and motor mounts. But it has gone back again for another check out, we think my AC is going bad. And we are in the middle of another heat wave in the Bay Area, no way can I drive that car in this heat with no AC. Done and almost passed out yesterday.

Welcome to my crazy life.



erin said...

i LOVE it, sounds like my ramblings on, too. welcome to september, buckle up it is going to fly!
so happy i'll get to see you soon!!!

Debbie said...

So good to "hear" from you. I can't believe Gabriel is in High school!!!

plg said...

Oh, you love it all - you know you do!!! Wish George Lopez was on my "things to do"......
No AC - suck it up chica. Mine went out in July & I haven't been able to give up my car long enough to get it fixed & it's been hot here too!
Love ya! Stay cool, stay focused & enjoy your life!!!!

Flatfish said...

I feel your pain. Ask Patty if she has a car to sell, it worked for me. :)


toners said...

Gotta have your A/C!!!

erin said...

i MISS my rocio!!!
see you soon!

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